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Spring and All By the road to the contagious hospital under the surge of the blue春天及一切 蓝天之下汹涌云彩 斑驳着从东北吹来

春天真是很难叫人抗拒啊I like seeing the flowers and trees bud and bloom. Everything is so dead looking in winter and then things start coming back to life in spring。 Calm light rain in spring makes me feel airy and light, and the sound of it is so relaxing to fall asleep to. 春天安静的小雨让我觉得神清气爽、心情轻松。


【春】: 春天来了,大地上的每一个角落者充满了春天的气息. Spring is coming,every corner of the earth who filled with spring in the air. 小鸟们从家里飞了出来,唱着动听的歌,告诉我们:春天来了! The birds fly out from home,and sang hit song,tell us:spring is coming! 春天真的来了,在池塘里,在田野上,在天空中,到处都焕发着勃勃生机. Spring is really in the pond,in the field,in the sky,everywhere the glow vitality. 春天的景色太美了,春天里人们的心情更美. Spring scenery was so beautiful,the mood in the spring people more beautiful. 我热爱春天,我喜欢闻到花儿的芳香,看到大树的新绿,听到小乌的欢唱. I love spring,I like to smell the fragrance of flowers,see the trees green,hear little uzziah sings. 我热爱春天,因为春天充满了生机,充满了新的希望! I love spring because full of vitality,full of new hope! 【夏】 It was a summer afternoon.The clear blue sky was dotted with fluttering larks. 这是一个夏日的午后.清澈湛蓝的天空点缀着飞舞的云雀. Summer is when the sun shines and the butterflies dance with the flowers. 夏季时阳光普照,花蝴蝶舞蹈. Roadside trees stand in the slumped,wind,still leaves,it fell full thick gray. .路旁的梧桐树无精打采地站立在那,一丝风,树叶纹丝不动,上面落满了厚厚的灰. 【秋】 It is autumn.The sky is clem and cloudless.The summer heat is gone.The autumn wind brings us cool.The grains have been harvested,the rice,wheat and corn.. 秋天,已是秋天了,天空晴朗,万里无云,夏热已逝,秋风送爽.此时,稻子、小麦和谷子等庄稼也已开镰收割. At times the autumn rain keeps falling silandy on the trees and flowers and the ground.It washes everything clean. 有时,秋雨无声地落到树上、花上和地上.它洗涤一切. What a beautiful painting!Autumn is the season for harvest no pains,no gains.I must study hard so that I can have a big harvest in all my subjects. 一幅多么美丽的油画.秋天是收获的季节.而不劳者将一无所获.我要努力学习,以便所有的功课都获得丰收. The sky is blue and clean.Many white clouds are in the sky.They look like sail boats. 天空很蓝色很干净.许多白云在天空中.它们看起来像帆船. .The leaves are yellow.Some are hanging on the trees,some are on the ground ,some are dancing in the wind. 树叶都是黄色的.有些是挂在树上,有些是在地面上,有些人在风中跳舞. 【冬】 Snowflakes fall down naughtily.They fall on branches of trees,on roofs of houses and on wheat fields.Soon the whole earth will be dressed in white.Everything is shining in the sun. 雪花落下来.它们落在树干的枝条,屋顶上和麦田里.很快整个大地都银妆素裹起来.一切都是灿烂的阳光. Boys and girls are singing and dancing around the snow man . 男孩女孩们围着雪人在唱歌跳舞. .

rose is a beautiful flower with many cloros, like white, red, and blue. 玫瑰是一种很漂亮的华, 它有很多种颜色,比如白色、红色和蓝色 这是我自己写的句子,如果不满意,欢迎继续提问


1、春季像一位画家,涂满了蓬勃的色彩。 Spring is like a painter, painted with a vibrant color. 2、山朗润起来了,水涨起来了,太阳的脸红起来了。 The hills get clear, the rivers rise, and the sun blushes。 3、春天来了!你看万紫千红的花开了,把可爱的草,树木,鸟,兽,虫,鱼。 Spring is coming! You see a riot of colour of the flowers, the lovely grass, trees, birds, beasts, insects, fish. 4、我热爱春天,因为春天充满了生机,充满了新的希望! I love the spring, because the spring is full of vitality, full of new hope! 5、河水中,一只只小蝌蝌顽皮地游着,好像在找它的妈妈,可爱极了。 The river, only a naughty little tadpole swam, as if looking for its mother, very cute. 6、人间,顿时,大地万物复苏,乌语花香,呈现出一派生气。 Earth, suddenly, the earth all things recovery, the Ukrainian language flowers, showing a faction angry. 7、布谷鸟在春天的舞台上,奏响了一支美妙动听的乐曲。 The cuckoo in the spring on the stage, playing a wonderful music. 8、春天的雨是柔和的,只见春雨在竹枝、竹叶上跳动着。 Is a gentle spring rain, and the rain was beating in the bamboo, bamboo leaves. 9、天气突变,春雨淅淅沥沥地下起来。 The weather changed, xixilili spring up underground. 10、春光明媚,春意盎然,绿茵遍野,嫩草像绿宝石一般发出悦目的光彩。 Bright spring days, Spring is in the air., green everywhere, like a beautiful emerald grass. 11、春姑娘来到人间,为大地披上绿衣。 Spring girl came to the earth, the earth covered with green. 12、新春的太阳还不十分暖,可是一片晴光增加了大家心中的与身上的热力。 The spring sun is not very warm, but a light increases your heart and body of the heat. 13、布谷鸟在清彻透亮的田间歌唱,娇艳的杜鹃花在躁动不安的春风里献媚。 Cuckoo singing in the field clear, beautiful azaleas flatter in restless spring. 14、田野上,麦苗返青,一望无边,仿佛绿色的波浪。 The wheat fields, vast expanse of green, as if the green wave. 15、春天的景色真美啊!空气真清新,我爱这里的春天。 Spring scenery is really beautiful ah! The air is so fresh, I love the spring here.

①when in spring the sweet showers fall that pierce winters drought to the root and all... ②it is quite late now, though it was not late to me before at this clock. i should not stay so late i know. when one is getting old,he knows more about life. i think i do. i never felt time passing from me so fast like now. i always belived that the days would be splendid in the future . but i have came to know - it is not certain. i have came to understand what life is. life is to be limited. i can say i dont fear death for i know it is part of nature. once i talked with my friend, i said i could accept death, death of everybody, including myself. i know everyone who is existing in this world now will disappear one day. it is our destiny. how should we face it cry or smile looking at the blossom on the trees outside the window,i still remember the flowers falling down last year. did they cry i didnt ask them so i didnt have answer to this question. i saw the yellow leaves dancing in the air last autumn, i didnt ask if they were sad either. i just saw them flashing in the sunlight, like the good dancers with good rhythm... ③spring, i never had strong feeling to spring before last year. some people said spring should be a happy season. but i never sensed that. i always liked the autumn because i thought autumn was a romantic season. i liked summer when i was very young for i loved my skirt with lace.now, i still like autumn and summer,while i like spring and winter. before i disliked the various colors of the flowers,and i thought they are flighty and superficial. i thought only only the blue ocean is deep, the golden autumn is elegant. however, now i have a different idea that i find spring wonderful. i like the blossom in the field and in the moutain. from them i am spirited with life. ④ spring returns to the earth. ⑤spring makes everything young again except man ⑥a single flower does not make a spring. ⑦a years plan starts with spring. 前面是2篇随笔啊,写春的句子很多呢! | __--__|_ ii=======ooooo[/ 反对抄袭哦___| _____\______|/-----. /____________________| ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎⊙/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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